Welcome to my little corner of the web!

My name is Carissa. I've been a Wiccan for over 8 years and made this website so that I could share what I've learned with others. I am a healer, a seer and a peacemaker. I live in Kentucky with my loving soldier hubby and a big black witchy kitty named Salem (yes I just HAD to do it!). I've gotten a lot out of nature-centered spirituality, and my hope is that you feel the same. Please enjoy my site and may the Lord and Lady bless you!

About Me

I was born and raised here in Kentucky. I am 42 years old, happily married and work in the IT field. I found out years ago that Science can't answer the really interesting questions, so I set out on a journey to better understand the Universe and my place in it. That journey led me to Wicca.


I love cooking, travel, movies and music, especially Classic Rock music.

Check out my photo gallery to get to know me better.


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