About Wicca 


Wicca is a modern, nature-based religion based on the idea of doing one's best to harm none. It is our only rule but it is a biggie. After all "harm none" includes yourself. Witches don't abuse drugs or drink excessively. We are moderate people who care about the world around us. You can often find us involved in social and environmental causes. We're not weird or "fringe". We are hard-working, normal people who are wise and loving.


We believe in gender equality, so we worship both a God and a Goddess. Many of us also work with individual Deities of cultural pantheons (Odin, Hekate, Isis, Brigid, etc...). We believe in reincarnation, because a soul has a lot to learn on this Earth plane. We also believe in caring for Mother Earth, having fun in moderation, loving others, helping our communities, and treating all living things with respect. Our love of nature and each other is the essence of who we are. We are not to be feared. We will not try to convert you. We simply want to live in harmony with you and help you along your own path, whatever it may be.

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